Little Bear/Cedar

Temperature: 61
Water temp: 63
Lake Level 621.10
Water Clarity: clear

The weather conditions made fishing the BCDA lakes tough. Winds were steady at  17-20 sw and gusting to 25. After a few near misses Keith Dodd and his partner Horace finally found their way into the winner's circle. Every team brought fish to the scales.

1- Keith and Horace 6.03 and won big fish 1.13
2- Jimmy McCarley and Doug Jenkins- 5.56
3- Darrell- 5.27
4- rex and ray- 4.77

We would like to thank all our sponsors and a big thanks to Ty and Pam at CJ's they also took part and give out rewards to all our members that fished today.

 Next up the 2011 Classic to be held on Pickwick 4/29-30. Good luck to everyone attending.