The Classic
Lake: Pickwick
Date: 5/13-14
Lake Level 414
Water Temps 70-74

Friday just after beginning of the tournament heavy rain and lightning sent teams searching for cover. Most teams waited the storms out for about 3 hours BUT AT THE END OF THE DAY ALL THE TEAMS BROUGHT FISH TO THE SCALES. Day 1 leaders were 1st Jerry and Mark with  9.10 and big fish 0f 1.97 2nd went to the Mccarleys with 8.84.

Day 2  began with cooler temps and a 15 to 20 northeast with a drizzle of rain on and off all day.
1st went to Jerry and Mark with an impressive total of 16.89 and big fish of 1.97. They were pulling 300 bandit crankbaits on the edge of creek channels. 2nd went to Jimmy and David with 14.31. They were long lining grubs in 8 to 12' of water in the back of creeks. 3rd Rex and Ray 8.37 4th Darrell 8.00 5th keith 5.79.