Lake- Cedar

Lake Level- 576

Surface temp- 51

Wind- Sw 15-20

Air temp- 77

Shoals Area Crappie had it’s 5th tournament of the year and as always it was a good one. Just about the time we got started mother nature blew her lungs out. When cedar is white capping the wind is blowing pretty hard and a sw wind gives you nowhere to hide but all the teams still brought fish to the scales. 1st place went to Ray and Rex with a 7 fish limit of 6.24 and they also had big fish of the day a 1.60 cedar slab. Ray and rex was long line trolling in 12 to 14 foot of water using road runner heads with a lakefork live baby shad blue brusier worked today Good job guys. 2nd place went to Lambert and Miller with a 7 fish limit of 5.94 they also was long line trolling in 12-14 foot of water. 3rd place went to Kirby and Kirby with a 7 fish limit 0f 4.32 I am not sure of the method they used but I do know they like to tight line wayne told me they found a place out of the wind today it was in their truck just kidding but that was the only place to get out of it. Our next and final regular tournament will be April 6th on Pickwick. This tournament should bring in some good weight and the points race is so close this tournament and our classic could very well put anyone of our members in the lead. Thanks guys for a great day on the water and I will add we sure missed team McCarley’s today Jimmy had surgery and is recovering very good and we hope to see them at pickwick.