Cedar Creek Results 5-25-19

Sure glad we started a little earlier than normal for this one - it sure did get hot after about 10:00am.   The morning was nice with little wind and some occasional cloud cover.

Congrats to Keith Dodd and Darrell Keil with a nice 7.13# stringer to take first place .

2nd - Joe and Justin Lambert with 6.93#

3rd - Jimmy and David McCarley with 6.92#  and big fish for the day with 1.28#

4th - Kevin McCarley and Stephen Hagood with 6.77#

5th - Jonathan Kirby with 6.43#

6th - Neil and Lynn Quinn with 6.38#

7th - Marc LaLonde with his Dad fishing with him all the way from Canada - 6.37#

8th - Keith and Josh Jenkins with 5.98#