Cedar Open Tournament

May 26, 2012

Water Level 577

Water Temp 81

Wind Calm

Man what a great day to be on the water. The morning started out with mid 60’s air temp and winds were calm “Perfect”.

Today we had a short open tournament from 6:30 am till 10:30am and all the teams brought fish to the scales. The bite was good early but as it heated up the bite slowed down. This is how the top 5 teams done today  1st place went to Scott Echols/ Bill and Bohdan Thomas with a 7 fish limit of 5.34   2nd went to Jimmy McCarley and Jonathan Kirby with a weight of 4.91 3rd went to Jerry Miller and his grandson jarred with a weight of 4.52 4th went to Dodd and Taylor with a weight of 4.43  5th went to Roger and Steve Echols with a weight of 3.94.

Most all the teams was pulling cranks along the creek channel and I will say this the stripe was very active today.  After the tournament we got up under a shade and grilled some hamburgers and I want to thank Joe Lambert for being the grill master today the burgers was great and also thanks to Scott ( Hi-Tek) for donating some door prizes. It was a great day see ya on Wheeler in July.