Teams met at Pickwick Oct 17 to finish off the year with their Classic.  Teams faced a pretty strong cold front that at launch time air temp was 38 degrees and a North wind of 10-14.  Not exactly good conditions.  But good news is even though the crappie had a bad case of lock jaw, most teams brought fish to the scales.  And this is now it all went down.

1st place went to Rick & Kevin with a total weight of 8.44 and also had Big Fish of 1.82.  My understanding was they pulled Bandit crankbaits on BNM rods most of the day in the Indian Creek area.

2nd place went to Jonathan Kirby with a 7 fish limit of 7.57.  He was pushing jigs and minnows in Bear Creek.

3rd went to Darrell & Keith with a 7 fish limit of 6.37.  They also pulled crankbaits most of the day.

Good job to all the teams today and thanks for another safe & fun tournament.

Thanks also to our club sponsors: BNM Crappie Poles, Vicious Fishing, Lake-Fork Tackle, Road Runner, Tennessee Valley Marine and Slider Crappie Jigs.

We will meet sometime in January to talk about our 2016 season.