Results - Guntersville 3-2-19

Shoals Area Crappie Association held it's second tournament of the 2019 season this past weekend 3-2-19 on Guntersville.

Even with the recent high waters and flooding in the area, it was a good day to be on the water as the weather turned out very nice for an early March tournament. 

Temps were moderate in the afternoon and the wind was not too bad for the majority of the day.  Water temps ranged from 56-60 depending on where on the lake you were.

Lake levels were at and above full pool due to recent flooding, which made the fishing a little tough and also had the water dirty in most places and lots of trash floating in all the creek channels and main river channel. 

The crappie seemed to be scattered with all the high water or just a little slow with all the changing conditions but some teams still found some good fish to bring to the scales.  Even the teams that didn't have full 7 fish limits had good quality fish.  

1st Place - Kevin McCarley and Stephen Hagood with 7 fish limit weighing in at 11.23#  They found their fish somewhat deeper than others and had a few good fish die before weigh in, but it must have been a load of big ones where they were.

2nd - Jimmy and David McCarley with 7 fish weighing in at 7.92#.  Very slow for them as they only caught 7 fish on the day, just didn't figure out what they wanted in time.

3rd - Keith Dodd and Darrell Keil weighing 7 fish at 6.57#.  Again, slow at first until figuring out something later in the day and also lost one biggun that Darrell thought was a log at first then came off at the top of the water :(

4th - Marc LaLonde with 7 fish weighing in at 6.21#

5th - Keith and Josh Jenkins with 5.55#  - Also with big fish for the tournament with a nice 2.08# crappie.

6th - Joe Lambert with 3.51#

7th - Jonathan Kirby with 1.87#