Results for Guntersville 3-21-20

Cold front came in over night with some rain ending early enough for a good start on Saturday.  Wind kept some from capitalizing on the fish they found during practice and some fish just didn't bite like they did in practice.  Adjusting for conditions and capitalizing on the consistent bite paid off for some.

1st - Kevin McCarley and Rick Robinson with 13.07# and big fish for the tournament at 2.44#.   I don't think they practiced their safe social distancing as they were seen "Love Boating" close and personal.   Nice fish guys.

2nd - Scott and Roger Echols finished with 12.16#.  Nice bag of quality fish, shallow bite paid off for them it sounded like.

3rd - Keith Dodd and Darrell Keil came to the scales with 12.14# ( + or - 1/2 oz or so ) with an nice 2.28# slab for their kicker fish. 

4th - Laddie Cannon and Kelly Johnson broght some nice black crappie in weighing 7.53#.   Laddie is getting that Livescope dialed in.

5th - Jimmy and David McCarley with 6.77#.  Disappointing finish for them as they had some better fish located during practice. 

6th - Harlan Reeves and Moe Tidwell with 3.11#.  Tough day getting them figured out for them. 

7th - Joe and Justin Lambert didn't make it happen in this one as they weren't able to get the bite they had the previous day.   They did help a fellow boater with motor trouble by towing them in - nice job guys.