Results for Guntersville 3-24-18

It was a windy day for sure on Guntersville, but lots of good quality fish were brought to the scales.  Most teams were within sight of each other early, then the wind scattered some out to try other areas or techniques.   Water temps ranged from 55-57 degrees.  

1st place went to Rick Robinson and his guest Bobby for the day with a winning weight of 11.79 lbs. with a 2.22 kicker fish.   Rick was long-lining a mixture of Road-Runner and plain jig heads tipped with various plastics all day with those reliable B'nM' Crappie poles in the Hi-Tek rod holders, with his better fish coming after he relocated due to the high winds.

2nd place team was Bryan West and his guest Adrian with 11.65 lbs, they also had big fish for the day with a nice 2.36 lb slab.  Not 100% sure where Bryan was fishing or what technique but it was away from the rest of the crowd, pretty sure it was mid-lake area - nice job guys!

Coming in 3rd was the "seasoned" McCarley team.  Jimmy and David had 10.48 lbs with decent fish just nothing over the 2# mark.  They were long-lining Road-Runner heads with Strike King and Southern Pro plastics and pushing a mixture of jigs up front all day with B'nM' Pro Staff and Capps and Coleman Rods using Hi-Tek Rod Holders and Vicious Fishing Hi-Vis Line.  Moving after the wind got up cut their fishing time down but they did manage some nice crappie to end the day.

4th place was Keith and Darrell with 10.26 lbs with a 2.01 fish in the sack.  They battled the wind all day in their primary location with some good fish to show for it by pushing and pulling Lake Fork and Slider plastics on Road Runner jig heads with their B’nM’ Pro Staff Rods and using Vicious Fishing Line.

Just behind Dodd and Keil in 5th place was Keith and Josh Jenkins with 10.22 lbs. using primarily Bobby Garland plastics.  ( Check out the pic of those guys riding out the waves ).

Rounding out the field was Joe Lambert with 9.72 lbs and Jeff and Justin Harris with 9.39 lbs. 

Everyone brought a limit of fish in today and returned safely to weigh in, enjoyable time around great group of fishermen.  Also had some interested young fishermen at the weigh in watching.

Thanks again to our sponsors for all the support and great products and services.   Tennessee Valley Marine,  B’nM’ Crappie Poles, Vicious Fishing, Blakemore Road Runner, Commit Game Calls, Lake Fork Lures, Slider Company and Hi Tek Stuff.  These sponsors make great products and everyone in the club uses their products with pride.