Pickwick 6/25/2011 

Water level @ summer pool

Surface Temp 82.5

Reports of good catches had everyone chomping at the bit to get after the crappies with the crankbaits, however an early week front broke up the pattern and made fish downright hard to come by.  Darrell Keil won with a 5 fish stringer of 4.89 lbs. Second went to the team of Dodd and Barkley with 3.39 lbs. Third went to Waters and Waters, again. Good news fellas; we'll be paying down three places this season. And fourth place went to the team of Hardwick and Hardwick. Everybody had a great time and all the members were treated to some brand new headgear compliments of Vicious Fishing Company. Thanks to all of our sponsors. Remember the new season starts Sept. 10, which is just around the corner.