Results for Little Bear 3-7-20

Tournament morning on Little Bear started off a bit chilly and stayed cool all day with a little breeze most of the day.  It really didn't feel like the temps showed until you came off the water.  8 teams participating again for this one, and it looked most had a great time on the water.

Water temps reaching mid 50's by afternoon and lots of sunshine

Finishing Results:

1st - Kevin McCarley and Rick Robinson kept their heads down and fished hard all day bringing in a nice stringer weighing 6.80# to take 1st place.  You could tell they were serious that morning when they didn't hang around and eat breakfast with the crew, they hit the water early to secure their spot and it payed off.  Good job guys.

2nd - Neil and Lynn Quinn showed there are some big fish on Little Bear coming in with 6.19# and a nice 2.14# slab to take big fish for the day.

3rd - Laddie Cannon and Kelly Johnson with 5.60#.  

4th - Keith Dodd and Darrell Keil with 5.45#

5th - Joe and Justin Lambert with 4.72#.  If the fish Joe found in practice had bit for him on Saturday we probably would have seen a real big bag at weigh in, they just didn't want to eat.

6th - Keith and Josh Jenkins with 4.60# - they had a blast and caught a lot of fish.

7th - Marvin Greeson with 4.25#.  Marvin is another new member and this was his first time on the water at Little Bear.  Welcome to the club Marvin.

8th - Jimmy and David McCarley - first to worst for them.  Only brought 5 fish in and at a measly 2.35# - better luck next time.