Little Bear Results - 6-24-17 

Water levels were low but a little higher than some previous observations, so the conditions were really worse - you couldn't see some of the hazards any more but they were just below the surface.  Luckily everyone was safe and with one exception of getting hung up on a shallow spot, pretty sure everyone avoided any major mishaps.  

Winning Team for this tournament was Team Lambert with winning weight of 5.39 lbs - They also had big fish for the day with 1.37lb.  Joe Celebrated the win with a big ole victory burger at CJ's with some of the crew afterwards.   Joe started out with minnows first thing that morning but changed over to pulling crankbaits pretty early with his BnM Crappie Poles.    Good stringer of fish for Little Bear with a really nice kicker fish for that lake.

2nd place went to Keith and Darrell with a weight of 5.26lbs. - they were also pulling crankbaits with BnM Crappie Poles for most of the day.   They must have found a sweet spot close to some of the other teams.

Coming in 3rd was Jeff Harris with 4.63lbs. - pretty sure Mr. Harris was pulling crankbaits as well, but he may have had another trick up his sleeve also - he fished away from the crowd most of the day.   

Weather for the day turned out very nice after driving over in a downpour for the majority of the trip - Jimmy Mc's Bass Tracker was about half full of water in the bilge when he got there and took a while to drain out before launching.