Lake- Pickwick

Lake Level- 514.54 ( Rising)

Water Temp- 62.4am 65pm

Water Clarity- Stained

Weather- Mostly sunny 62 nnw wind 5-10

What a great day to be on the water. We started the morning with a lot of fog and a temperature of 35.
But as the fog cleared, the sun warmed the air up to about 62 and it was nice with hardly no wind until
about 11 am.

Shoals area Crappie finished their season with their classic at pickwick lake today and a major cold front
had moved thru early Friday morning and we had some concern what this would do to the fish. It slowed them
down but did not completely lock them up and a lot of fish was caught today.

All our teams brought fish to the scale and this is how it all ended up with the top 3 teams.

Bringing 7 nice fish to the scale was 1st place team Lambert/ Miller with a total weight of 8.52 and a big
fish of 1.39. They was slow trolling in the bear creek area using lakefork live baby shad tipped with a
live minnow.  Way to go guys.

2nd Place went to Team keil/ Dodd with a 7 fish stringer that weighed 8.43 and their big fish was 1.34.
They also was spider rigging with 14’ BnM capps and Coleman out of the front in the bear creek area. The
fish was buried up in structure most of the day and they had the best bite using a lakefork llive baby
shad with a boot tail tipped with a live minnow.

3rd place went to team McCarley with a 7 fish limit weighing 7.56 and big fish was 1.27. I don’t have a
clue where they fished but was told by a good source that they was long line trolling. Good job guys.

Big fish today came from long time member Ray Tuggle. He has been a member since the club has started and
I can count on one hand how may tournaments He has not fished always here ready to have some fun. He
brought in a nice crappie that hit the scales at 2.17 that was good enough for big fish today and took
2nd place in the big fish of the  year way to go ray.

We will be having several Fruit Jar tournaments until  Jan. 2014 then we will start a new season.
Fruit jar will be open to anyone and is a $10.00 per boat entry winner take all. The first one will be
May 18.2013 at Cedar Creek from 6am-10am at this event after the tournament we have a pavilion reserved
on the lake and will cook fish and give out rewards so help us get the word out and tell them to come
fish with us.