April 6, 2013

Lake- Pickwick


Surface- 56

Lake level- 412.95 ( And rising)

Mostly Sunny Am 41/ pm 70

Wind 10-15 sw

What a great day to be on the water. This morning was perfect very light wind and warmed up quick and the fish was active. About 10:30am the wind begin to pick up and got worse as the day went on but that did not keep teams from bringing nice fish to the scales.

1st place went to team McCarley with a 7 fish limit of 10.41 and also brought big fish to the scale of 1.96.  They was long line trolling in the bear creek area.Just 4 weeks ago Jimmy had hip surgery and we was glad to see him back in the boat today way to go guys. 2nd place went to team keil/Dodd with a 7 fish limit of 10.17 their big fish today was 1.95 ( They should have feed theirs a few minnows before weigh-in) They was slow trolling in the bear creek area also. 3rd place went to Thomas/ Thomas and Echols with a 7 fish limit of 10.12 and their big fish was 1.89 they was also slow trolling in the bear creek area When I asked Bohdan where he caught all them pretty fish He said in the water He has been taught well. As you can see this was a very close finish and wraped up our regular season tournaments but in 2 weeks we will square off again on Pickwick for our classic and it should also be a close one and can decide the team of the year. We would like to welcome our 2 newest members Jeff and Clarence Harris and look forward to having a good time with you guys welcome aboard.And as always a big Thank You to all our sponsors BnM Poles, Vicious Line, Crazy Angler tackle, Lakefork Tackle,Road runner and Townsends Bait. Thanks Guys for another safe and fun day on the water and will see ya'll in 2 weeks.