Teams met at Pickwick Lake for their final regular tournament and what a day it was.  Forecast was 0% chance of rain but most teams had their rain gear on til about 10:30.  Good news though most all the teams brought a limit of fish to the scales.  This is how it ended up. 

1st place went to Darrell and Keith with a total weight of 9.86.  They also had Big Fish at 1.81.  They were pulling crankbaits most of the day.

2nd went to Rick & Kevin with a total weight of 9.47.  Pretty sure they also were pulling crankbaits.

3rd went to David & Jimmy with a total weight of 8.07.  Also pulling crankbaits.

Shoals Crappie will fish their classic Oct. 17, 2015 at Pickwick and with the way the points race is, about 4 teams have the opportunity to take the lead so it will be a good one.

A  BIG thanks to our sponsors:  BNM, Lake-fork, Road Runner, Slider, Vicious and Tennessee Valley Marine.  Your donations has made it a great year!  Thank you!