Results for Pickwick 5-30-20

Good turn out again for the Pickwick Tournament with 11 boats participating.  Great weather for the most part with the wind and boat traffic making it a little rough later in the day.  

1st - Joe and Justin Lambert with 11.02# and also big fish with a 2.02# slab.  No surprise here, these two are always tough to beat on Pickwick. 

2nd - Kevin McCarley and Rick Robinson with 10.63#

3rd - Keith Dodd and Darrell Keil with 8.70# 

4th - Jimmy and David McCarley with 8.69#

5th - Roger and Scott Echols with Gracie helping out - 8.02#

6th - Tommy and Kaden Edwards with 7.70#

7th - Neil Quinn and Ben Holbert with 7.65#

8th - Laddie Cannon and Kelly Johnson with 7.35#

9th - Jeff Harris with 7.15#

10th - Adam Reed with 4.31#

11th - Harlan Reeves with 3.45#