September 10, 2011
Air Temp: 81 degrees
Water Temp: 75-78
Wind SE 8-10
Water level 415.04-414.72

The weather was fantastic; the fishing was not.  Pickwick proved to be difficult for the second time in less than 3 months.  Every team brought fish to the scales, and every team had to work for them too.  No team put together a pattern and everyone was left scratching their heads and trying to cover a ton of water with their crankbaits in order to limit damage.  Thanks to all of our members for a fun and safe day and again, thanks to all of our sponsors including B'nM, Vicious, Blakemore/Roadrunner, and Lake Fork Tackle.


1. Dodd/Barkley          4.59 lbs
2. Mccarley/Mccarley   4.58 lbs with big fish of 1.55 lbs
3. Mitchell/Miller         3.77
4. Davis/Tuggle          2.70
5. Lampert                  2.08
6. Inman/White           1.02
7. Keil                         .78