Shoals Area Crappie Association Regular Tournament Rules


1.       Annual membership dues are $30 per person, and are due before the first tournament of the season.  Children under age of 16 are exempt from this fee.


2.       Registration times will be from 5:30am until 6:00am on the morning of each regular tournament.  The Tournament Entry Fee is $40 per boat for each regular tournament held.  All participants must check in at the registration table by 6:00am the morning of the tournament and pay entry.  Members may email, call or text the president by 7pm the Thursday before tournament and let him know they will be fishing and can pay entry at weigh inAll boats must sign a waiver before entry into the tournament.


3.       Fishing start times will be 6:30 for each tournament, and all tournament fishing times end at 2:00 PM (any changes to fishing times will be published on the schedule ). You must be in the weigh-in line by 3:00 PM.  Teams may be on their first fishing spot early, but they may not drop hooks into the water until the official Announced Start Time.  Fishing areas are limited to the navigable waters of tournament lake or impoundment that are open to public fishing and accessible from main lake. 

Tournament Entries may fish with up to sixteen (16) poles per boat with no more than 2 hook sets per pole.  No more than two people are allowed in tournament boats at any point during the tournament hours except for youth 16 and under, emergencies, assistance with boat troubles, or assignment of a tournament observer.  Cell phones, radios and any other form of electronic communication may not be used to get fishing information.  Electronic communication is allowed in the case of boat trouble, emergencies or personal, non-fishing related phone calls.


4.       Guest  Rule.  Each team may invite 1 guest 1 time to fish a regular tournament and receive points. Any guest after that will create a new team in points. If a team does use a guest the 2 man per boat does stay in effect only way 3 can be in boat is if one is 16 or under. Keep in mind a team must fish 4 tournaments for classic. Members may fish with other member if their normal partner cannot fish the points and classic count will go to members boat they used.


5.       Weigh-in Rules. Teams must bring 7 live crappie to the checkpoint to be verified.  Any dead or illegal fish will be removed then the team may proceed to the scales.  No dead fish can be replaced at checkpoint.


6.       Payouts will be based on the club's  Regular Tournament Payout Schedule.


7.       Overall Points Rules.  Overall points will be kept for the year, Teams will be recognized at the Awards Banquet.  Teams will receive 1 points for each regular tournament entered and 1 point for classic. If a team fishes all the regular tournaments that team will receive an additional 1 point at the classic.Fish will be weighed to the nearest 1/100th of a pound, and a like number of points will be assigned to the team's points total at each regular tournament entered. ( Example a 1.23 fish= 1.23 points.) Classic weight will be added to end of year weight.


8.       Big Fish Rules.  Every boat is entered in the big fish pot upon registration.  This is not optional and is part ($5 per team) of the entry fee.  One Big Fish prize will be made at each regular tournament.  Big fish award is the day's Big Fish Pot. In the event of a tie the team with largest total weight will be the winner.

9.      Regular and Post-Season Payout Rules.  To qualify for any of the Post-Season Activities and Payouts, teams must enter in at least 4 regular tournaments. Teams may pay  1 tournament entry fee to get their required 4.  Tournaments that were scheduled but not held do not count for or against a team.  ( See Payout sheet for Details.)


10.   In the event of inclement weather on tournament day, Tournament Director along with the Club President may cancel or postpone the tournament.  Entry fees for canceled tournaments that are not rescheduled will be returned.

11.   The Tournament Director is in charge of all activities on tournament day.  At his discretion, teams may be subject to  boat checks.  In the event a protest is lodged, the Tournament Director will listen to the initial complaint and may decide to take the protest to the club president.  Protests must be filed with the Tournament Director on the day of the tournament.  Tournament Director along with club president  decisions are final.  There is no appeals process. 

12. In the event a rule needs to be changed. The rule change will be presented at the next meeting and voted on by club members present.

13. In the event of a tie at weigh-in or standings. The team with the 1 fish that weighs the most wins. All teams will need to weigh a big fish in case of a tie.

14. All teams must have fun on the water this is the most important rule.



Regular Tournament.

1. Entry is $40.00 per Team

2. Out of entry $5.00 goes to big fish and $5.00 goes to classic pot.

3. 1st is 50% 2nd is 30% 3rd is 20% Big fish is the $5.00x # of boats



1. Entry is $50.00 per team

2. Out of entry $5.oo goes to big fish.

3. 1st  50%  2nd 30% 3rd 20%


End of Year

This payout comes from membership dues minus $25.00 web site fee and $75.00 cookout  and $5.00 per member toward big fish of year.

1st  50%  2nd 30% 3rd 20% 

Big fish-  1st 75%  2nd 25%