What a day to be on the water a lot of sunshine and very little wind. It started off a little cool and foggy but that changed quick. We had 10 teams fish today and everyone brought fish to the scales and a lot of good stringers was weighed. 1st place and big fish went to AJ Barkley and Tommy Edwards with a weight of 10.94 and big fish of 1.92. These guys or tough to beat on wheeler good job guys. 2nd went to our newest members Scott and Roger Echols with a weight of 10.77 Good job guys and welcome to the club. I would like to thank everyone for another fun and safe day on the water and also to Johnny and Wade Walker who joined us today to give the club a try.





1 st. Place 

AJ Barkley and Tommy Edwards

10.94 lbs. and Big Fish 1.92 lbs.



wheeler11-14-09012.jpg picture by krappiekrazy



2 nd. Place 

And newest members

Roger and Scott Echolds

10.77 lbs.

wheeler11-14-09009.jpg picture by krappiekrazy



Johnny and Wade Walker

wheeler11-14-09008.jpg picture by krappiekrazy