Wheeler Results 2-29-20

Our season tournament schedule kicked off Saturday 2-29-20 on Wheeler Lake with 8 teams participating.  It started off a little cold and windy with some pretty undecent water conditions from all the rain with a lot of current pulling as well.  After a cold start it turned out to be a nice day but wind kept if feeling a little cool.  Water temps ranging from 46-50 depending on where you were fishing.

Finishing Results:

1st - Jimmy/David McCarley with 7 fish weighing 7.59#.  Called "Sandbaggers" at the weigh in because they said they had not found any fish in practice (Truth).  Just catching anything was a welcome surprise since they had not caught a fish in the last 4 or 5 trips out for practice.  Guess that is called "eliminating waters".  Live bait was the choice while tightlining.  The BnM poles and Hi-Tek rod holders served them well, despite trying to knock the biggest fish off with the net.  

2nd - New members Laddie Cannon and Kelly Johnson with 7 fish weighing 7.04#.  I know Laddie has been practicing hard with the Livescope set up, not sure if that's how they caught their fish or not.  Good job guys, welcome to the club.

3rd -  Keith Dodd and Darrell Keil with 4.50# and big fish for the day with a nice 2.28# slab.  Their 2nd biggest fish would have taken big fish for the day on it's own at 2.21#.   Kinda scary thinking what they would have had if the big bite had worked out for a full bag at weigh in.  

4th - Harlan Reeves and Jackie (Moe)Tidwell with 5 fish weighing 4.15#. Another new team but seasoned veterans of crappie fishing, welcome guys.

5th - Kevin McCarley and Rick Robinson with 1.37#.   Their target area left them hanging and they ended up having to make a move to see what they could find.  They will most likely make a good recovery on Guntersville in March.  

6th - Joe/Justin Lambert with 1.11#.  Again conditions and current probably affected their target fish.  

7th - Tied in 7th was Marc LaLonde and Keith/Josh Jenkins.  Marc faught some tough wind and the big bite for Jenkins didn't pan out and they spent some time running and gunning looking for anything to bring to the scales, just didn't work out in this one.  Tough break guys.

Jenkins - This was sent from Dodd/Keil special delivery: