Results for Wheeler 3-17-18

Shoals Area Crappie Association kicked off the 2018 fishing season Saturday morning on Wheeler Lake.   At fishing start time many teams were waiting at the ramp while letting the early morning thunderstorm pass.   By 7:00am it was all clear and it turned into a pretty good morning to be on the water. 

The predicted early high winds did not show up till mid-day letting some teams take advantage of the missed forecast while others bet on the weather man and lost - changing plans to be out of the expected winds, which eliminated a big part of the lake.  

Water temps were around 55 and 56 degrees early and as high as 59 and 60 later in the day.  The lake level was around 553 and holding, although the level had dropped from earlier in the week, then came back to 553 - That's just Wheeler for you.

Lots of quality fish brought to the scales with many of the big female fish released to lay out.

1st place went to Jonathan Kirby with a 7 fish limit weighing 15.53 lbs.  Jonathan was long-lining in 10'-12' of water with BnM rods pulling Road-Runner heads loaded with Crappie Sliders and Bobby Garland plastics.  Great sack of fish Jonathan!!

In 2nd place with a nice stringer of fish was Keith Dodd and Darrell Keil - 7 fish limit weighing 12.50 lbs.   They were also fishing in 10'-12' of water pushing Road-Runner jig heads with 14' BnM Pro Staff rods.  Their bait of choice was black/green Crappie Magnet Fin series curly tail grubs. 

Finishing in the money for 3rd place was Jeff and Justin Harris with a 7 fish limit weighing 11.76 lbs.  Team Harris was seen long-lining in 10'-12' of water as well, just unsure of their bait, pretty sure those BnM rods were pulling Road-Runner heads also.  Justin brought in the big fish for tournament with a 2.34 lb slab.  

4th - Keith and Josh Jenkins with 10.76 lbs

Thank you teams for another great and safe day on the water, we will see you at Guntersville.