Wheeler Lake Results 



 What a day on Wheeler. The winds blew 19 to 26 southeast pretty much all day. the water had rose about 18" and was muddy in most places. But with all this going on most teams brought fish to the scales. Thanks to all the teams that came out and fished today .



Tommy Edwards and AJ Barkley

13.45 lbs. and Big Fish 2.26 lbs. 

wheeler32710008-1.jpg s picture by shoalscrappie







2 nd. Place

Darrell and Freda Keil

10.49 lbs. 

wheeler32710010-1.jpg s picture by shoalscrappie




Jenkins and gang getting ready to weigh. 


wheeler32710001-1.jpg s picture by shoalscrappie



Donald is the scorekeeper. 


wheeler32710003-1.jpg s picture by shoalscrappie




Here is a pictre of the winning rig.


DSC_0123.jpg Winning rig picture by shoalscrappie