Wilson Lake

November 19, 2011

Water Temp 54

Air Temp: High 61, Low 45

Winds: SSE 10-15 Gusting to 25


First off, special thanks to Lake Fork Trophy Lures for sponsoring our event on Wilson Lake this month.  These guys work hard to make great products for bass and crappie fishermen and if you're not already using them then you are missing out. I got a chance to fish their prototype 8lb Fluorotex line today and I've got to say that I'm impressed.  I love the visibility and the low memory.  Be on the lookout for it soon....

YES!!!! We finally caught some fish on Wilson...Quality fish were hard to come by, but at least we made progress and had a heckuva a time doing it.

1st Place:  Team Mccarley does it again. That's two in a row for the boys from Madison. The season is halfway over and they extended their points lead to 1.78.   It must be the overalls.  They fished the north side of the lake slow trolling minnows in 15-25 ft of water and catching a 6 fish stringer at 3.63 lbs good enough for 1st place.  Good news Jimmy, you got enough money now to buy those bobber stops you been saving 3 weeks for.

2nd Place: Barkley and Dodd  wound up fishing the north side of the lake slow trolling minnows and LFTL baby shads tipped with minnows on break lines in 6-12 ft of water. They caught plenty of fish, but could not get a kicker fish to help them out.  They had a 7 fish stringer weighing in at 3.45 lbs.

3rd Place:  Went to the team of Jenkins and Duncan. Persistence paid off for them as they fished the north side of the lake slow trolling minnows and put together a 4 fish stringer that weighed in at 2.33 lbs good enough for 3rd place.

Big Fish: Big Fish goes to Darrell Keil. He brought in a good white crappie that weighed in at 1.70 lbs. He caught it slow trolling minnows 18 ft deep over 45 ft of water. He confessed it was an accident because he thought we were having a drum tournament so we'll be asking him to return the money at the next meeting.

Thanks to everyone for coming out. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday.  The next event will be 2/18/12 on Cedar Creek Lake in Belgreen AL.  Everyone have a safe and happy holiday season.